Kratom Warriors,

Some more great news to share on the fight to keep kratom legal....

The Georgia Senate Health and Human Services Committee voted unanimously yesterday to approve HB 551, the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, to clear the bill for a vote by the full Senate in the next few weeks. The AKA is deeply grateful to all the Kratom Warriors who testified at the Hearing, and who added their strong voices to protect and preserve consumer access to safe kratom products.

HB 551 sponsors, Rep. DeWayne Hill and Rep. Vernon Jones, both spoke at the Senate Committee Hearing and strongly endorsed HB 551 as the most effective way to protect consumers from adulterated kratom products. Several of the Senate Committee members were clearly moved from opposing the bill to favoring it when the public testimony affirmed the advocacy by Rep. Hill and Rep. Jones for keeping kratom legal in Georgia.

AKA Chairman Dave Herman personally thanked Rep. Hill, Rep. Jones, and Sen. Mullis (not pictured) for their superb support for kratom.  "We are looking forward to Georgia joining Utah as the first two states in the Union to enact laws to protect access to kratom and to protect kratom consumers from dangerous adulterated kratom products." 

Thank you for your support and we will continue to keep you updated on this important fight.


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