EXPOSED: Mistakenly Released FDA Documents

Expose Pervasive FDA Bias Against Kratom


Kratom Warriors:

You cannot pick up a newspaper or hear a news report out of Washington, DC that does not expose the bias held by rogue individuals within our government.

All of that is mind-boggling because Americans have the right to trust their government.

And that includes the FDA. 

You and I know the FDA has been waging a false war against kratom, and they are trying to make anyone who uses it into a criminal.

But the AKA has been provided shocking documents from email conversations between FDA staffers that apparently were mistakenly released to a kratom vendor.  The documents were supposed to be routine updates on the status of a large amount of kratom that had been seized under the FDA's Import Alert in 2016.

But I can tell you, this update was anything but routine.

The FDA staff, who are required by law to be fair, objective, and free from bias -- showed they are horribly biased against kratom.  In fact, these documents show how deep and wide the bias in the FDA is against kratom.

FDA Commissioner Gottlieb's bias has infected the entire bureaucracy at the FDA.

Here's the proof:

On July 12, 2018, an FDA staffer sends an email to a superior and asks if she will "create work assignments" so they can conduct additional tests on seized kratom being held under the Import Alert. 

What followed was incredible:  

". . . hopefully it will test positive and can get a voluntary destruction."

But that is not all! 

The FDA staff confirmed that the required testing to justify the original seizure "confirmed the product to be kratom."

That is all that is legally required under the Import Alert.

But then the staff points out the testing did not include microbiology testing. 

That is the FDA standard for testing foods for contaminants.  It is not a test that is typically done under Import Alert seizures.

Then the key question:  

"We are testing for micro?"

This seizure of kratom was supposed to protect the public from kratom that the FDA has demonized since its first Import Alert on 2012.

But then the FDA staffer showed the deep and pervasive bias against kratom itself:  


". . .hopefully linking this product to the ongoing outbreak of Salmonella ."

This from the government agency that is supposed to be about science, and about protecting consumers.

The law requires the FDA to act on science, without bias.

The FDA's mission is not to go on witch-hunts against safe botanicals like kratom.

I admit I am beyond angry -- I am beyond furious -- I am utterly speechless about this obvious bias at the FDA against kratom.

But I want to fight back.

We need our team of lawyers to examine these documents and provide a plan of action to fight FDA Commissioner Gottlieb on the credibility of their War on kratom.

Then, we need to spread this message far and wide to every media outlet in America.  I want to hire a public relations firm to help with that effort.

Finally, I want every member of Congress to see this evidence.

Will you help me do this?

We need your help to raise the money to fund this important effort.

Together, we can win this war, but only if you help today!

When we have stood together before, we have been successful.

So I am asking for your help today.  I am deeply grateful for all of the help you have provided in the past.

And I am honored today to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to fight this battle.

Let's expose the FDA bias together.

I am asking you give whatever you can to take this battle right to FDA Commissioner's front door.

And trust me, I will be knocking very loudly.



Dave Herman

Chairman, AKA

#teamAKA  #followthescience  #educatingthemasses

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