Sign the Petition Asking President Trump to Appoint an FDA Commissioner who Will Follow the Science on Kratom

Kratom Warriors,

The AKA has spent the last several years battling former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb and his crusade to ban kratom.  Our argument has always been based on facts and the science behind kratom, not the misinformation tactics employed by the FDA.  Thanks to your generosity, we didn't back down and have started to turn the tide.

Now that Gottlieb has stepped down as FDA Commissioner, we have the opportunity to influence President Trump and his decision on who the next person will be to fill this critical position.

Please sign and share this Petition today requesting that President Donald J. Trump appoint a new FDA Commissioner who will commit to protect the public from dangerously adulterated kratom products, and who will follow the true science that has shown that pure kratom is being safely used by millions of American consumers.

Tell President Trump that the next FDA Commissioner should lift the unfair, unjustified, and overly burdensome regulation on imports of kratom that is restricting the freedom of consumers and is allowing bad actors to flood the market with unsafe and dangerous adulterated kratom products.

Also, please share with President Trump your own experience on how kratom has helped you personally in maintaining your health and well-being.  

American Kratom Association
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